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Hi! everybody and welcome to this ENGLISH CORNER which has been thought  by the teachers in the English Department for the improvement of our students. Here, you’ll find a lot of useful resources about English..and not only their language, but also customs, festivals, traditions and a lot more.

We hope you enjoy with this page and it can help you to make English easier. Of course, we want you to help us with news, comments and everything you think that could be useful for your schoolmates, so contact with your English teacher and HELP US!!!!!

In this web site inside our School's main site, we want to tell everybody everything our students do at school related to English: activities, articles, tasks, contests, etc...

Here, we want the students to help us with their ideas, works, activities and everything they think should be here. We hope it'll be useful and enjoyable for our students and everyone who visit us.

Now, you can watch a video from YOUTUBE made by students at our school presenting our facilities....it's called LIP DUB and it was a very famous way to show what people did years ago....but we've thought it's a very good way for you to know us, so don't be shy and have a look!!!

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